On February 28th, Baidu released two new AI hardware products – Xiaodu TV Companion and Xiaodu At Home 1S. At the same time, Jing Kun, General Manager of Baidu Intelligent Life Group (SLG), announced the introduction of Baidu AI small intelligent speaker hardware subsidy policy.
According to reports, small TV partners are positioned as “home theaters in the AI era”, integrating Hi-Fi home theaters, 4K set-top boxes, and AI speakers.
In terms of specific configuration, the small TV companion has Hi-Fi sound quality, adopts a low-frequency enhanced box design, and has DRC intelligent adjustment function. It is equipped with four large-caliber speakers, two ultra-long conduits, and a separate design of the left and right sound chambers, forming an ultra-strong surround sound.
In terms of visual effects, TV partners support 4K+HDR output, 2.4G/5G dual band Wi Fi, and 2×2 MIMO features. 4K high-definition video can also be transmitted smoothly.
In addition, the small TV companion is also equipped with an artificial intelligence assistant that supports full voice remote field interaction. A ring-shaped 6-microphone array can also wake up smoothly in a noisy home environment. Under laboratory conditions, the 5-meter wake-up rate is as high as 99%, allowing users to escape the shackles of remote controls. After turning off the screen, Xiaodu TV partners transform into smart speakers that can listen to music, check information, check news, and control IoT smart homes.
Another new product, Xiaodujia 1S, is the new product of Baidu’s intelligent video speaker Xiaodujia series. As one of the prizes of this Spring Festival Gala’s Baidu red envelope activity, I met many netizens through CCTV images.
Xiaodu At Home 1S was designed by Wai-loong Lim, an intelligent audio industry designer from Sonos, California; In terms of audio quality, 18 hardware upgrades and 28 algorithm improvements have been made; Compared to small at home, small at home wireless data transmission speed increases by 100%.
In terms of content resources, Xiaodu At Home 1S has already owned a tens of millions of music libraries, massive video content, and high-quality audio and children’s education resources through cooperation with brands such as iQiyi, QQ Music, Dragonfly FM, and Douyu. At the same time, Xiaodu In-home 1S recently introduced Baidu video resources and reached a partnership with the Himalayas to access the full content of the Himalayan open platform, covering hundreds of millions of high-quality audio content in the Himalayas.
In addition, Xiaodu’s Home 1S has upgraded its children’s mode, with child wake-up recognition, child specific TTS voice, and dialogue, making it a more suitable interactive interface for children. The Children’s Edition also adds triple protection for babies: time protection, distance protection, and content protection. https://store.stoneitech.com/
According to data, as of December 2018, the number of activated devices equipped with DuerOS reached 2 million, while DuerOS had 1.6 billion voice interactions in December 2018, doubling for eight consecutive quarters.
In order to make AI hardware products more popular with more users, Jingkun announced a subsidy policy for Baidu AI hardware small intelligent speaker products.
The newly released small TV companion has a starting price of 799 yuan, a hardware subsidy of 100 yuan for Baidu AI, a time-limited discount of 100 yuan for superimposed new products, and a shipping price of 599 yuan; The initial price of Xiaodu Home 1S is 499 yuan, plus a Baidu AI hardware subsidy of 100 yuan and a limited time discount of 70 yuan for new products. The final price is 329 yuan.