On April 11, NetEase Cloud Music held a press conference on Round A financing in Shanghai, announcing the completion of Round A financing of 750 million yuan with an estimated value of 8 billion yuan. It is reported that NetEase Cloud Music has exceeded 300 million users in just four years.
Relying on high-quality content to attract interest lovers, seize user traffic, and continuously activate users in the form of social music. The music comments posted on the advertisements of Hangzhou Metro show the feelings of fans. The data shows that the number of song lists independently created by users of NetEase Cloud Music Platform reaches 400 million, the average number of song lists created per day reaches 620000, and the cumulative number of comments reaches 400 million.https://www.slw-ele.com/
Breakthroughs have been made in user data and content operations. In terms of user retention, it is not only through the participation of music social users to improve user stickiness, but also through the introduction of multiple NetEase cloud music intelligent hardware.
According to media reports, NetEase Cloud Music released ten smart hardware devices at one go last year, including timed sneakers, NetEase Cloud hype, music printers, smart notepads, BGM brooches, mini alarm clocks, water glass speakers, KTV remote controls, paper receipts, NetEase Cloud music sockets, and more. By combining music with intelligent hardware, we have entered the intelligent hardware industry in the mode of “fans+content+hardware”, which also paves the way for the retention of users.
The intelligent hardware of NetEase Cloud Music not only serves as a buffer for user operations, but also will become another important component of its profit model in the future. It is understood that currently, content payment is also one of its important profit models.
Content is bundled with hardware. The editor learned that NetEase Cloud Music released a car player last year. By connecting to the NetEase Cloud Music App on Android and IOS phones, car owners can enjoy any music downloads on the app. Content is paid, and hardware is also paid. Will consumers pay for the money in their pockets in the future?
What is the purpose of the 750 million yuan financing for “Hunting Gun Exchange”? Content is an important profit window for Netease Cloud Music. According to Caixin.com, Zhu Yiwen, CEO of Netease Cloud Music, said that this round of financing will mainly be used to upgrade the product experience, increase content investment, build a copyright system, and establish upstream and downstream solutions for music.
The editor believes that the future will be the era of content services, and “service fees, hardware free” will also become possible. Netease Cloud Music will focus on content service profitability. In the future, with the improvement of the quality of content services and the improvement of cashability, even if it is free on the intelligent hardware connected to it, with a large user base, it can also obtain significant profits in the cost of content services.