Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun once said a famous saying: Standing in the air, a pig can fly. Nowadays, intelligent hardware is such a “tuyere pig”. Intelligent hardware is a development trend, and the intelligent hardware industry is more sought after by the capital market. For this reason, from startups to internet giants, they all want to gain a foothold in the field of intelligent hardware, so various types of intelligent hardware begin to enter our lives. However, it is no use for consumers not to pay the bill, even if they are praised. For most people, many intelligent hardware products are just heard. There is still a long way to go from the popularization of intelligent hardware to the popularization of intelligent hardware.
Why is the concept of intelligent hardware hot and the market cold? To sum up, the reasons are as follows: 1. Intelligent hardware is not intelligent; 2. There are many concepts and few products, the shipment volume cannot increase, and ticket skipping is serious; 3. The product has just entered the market, but has not yet formed a scale, and the quality and after-sales service cannot be guaranteed; 4. Low product awareness and high marketing costs; 5. Product pricing is unreasonable and consumers do not buy it; 6. Serious homogenization, no disruptive products.
In the eyes of many people, intelligent hardware is a hardware product coupled with sensors and apps. It is difficult to see products that are “blooming everywhere” in their eyes. It can be predicted that only by making intelligent products that consumers truly need, can they remain invincible in the “star cluster” market.
Intelligent hardware has gained a foothold. When can I “fly against the wind”? This is probably the most concerned and difficult question for us to answer at present. On November 19, 2014, hosted by OFweek China’s high-tech industry portal, at the “2014 China High tech Industry Investment and Financing Summit Forum” held by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Xinghe, Shenzhen, Tang Xiaodong, Vice President of Liu Siqi, Investment Director of Fosun Group, and researcher of Sichuan Finance Securities, will deliver a keynote speech on “Intelligent Hardware Investment Prospects”, to discuss with you the technological trends and market development prospects of the intelligent hardware industry, https:// www.slw-ele.com/