On July 17, Dazhi, a cutting-edge technology brand, launched the first wearable photography device supporting Kwai – Dazhi glasses. This shooting glasses, which took a year to develop by the big vision team, not only has the function of high-definition short video and photography, but also is the first intelligent hardware product that supports Kwai live broadcast.
Dashi Glasses subverts the traditional live shooting mode, deeply integrating wearable intelligent hardware with the short video community platform, upgrading the shooting fun, and allowing users to enjoy the “first person perspective” of what they see and what they shoot. Many short video creators are faced with the trouble of not only showing off their skills, but also shooting with their mobile phones. As a portable wearable device (weighing about 50g), Dazhi Glasses helps users free their hands and try multiple shooting and live streaming angles more freely and safely. It is particularly suitable for scenes such as cute baby shooting, food production, outdoor sports, tourism, and so on.
Dashi is not the first brand to release wearable intelligent camera glasses. In the past few years, companies such as Google and Snap have also made various attempts in related fields. The unique feature of Dazhi glasses is that it has launched the live broadcast function for Kwai users. Users can share the joy of life anytime and anywhere through Dazhi glasses. In addition, based on the domestic consumer market, the price of Dazhi glasses is also very user-friendly. Positioning as a live streaming shooting device on the bridge of the nose that ordinary consumers can easily own. https://forum.stoneitech.com/
On July 17, six anchors of Kwai Station introduced and experienced the large vision glasses through live broadcast, officially unveiling the mystery of this product to the outside world. This is also the first attempt to switch live broadcasts from multiple locations, multiple people, and multiple perspectives. As the first wearable shooting device supporting the Kwai platform, Dazhi Glasses also represents the latest achievements of domestic technology brands in the direction of deep integration of intelligent hardware and short video community platform.
The first glasses include a variety of color matching to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumer groups. Now they will be on sale in Tmall’s “Dazhi Flagship Store”, Youzanwei Mall’s “Dazhi Glasses” and Kwai Store
Big glasses have six selling points: first person perspective shooting, hands free, instant capture, one button shooting, vertical screen wide-angle shooting, seamless connection with Kwai APP, which can achieve 1080P high-definition wide-angle short video shooting At the same time, it has passed the IP65 international waterproof grade certification, which can be called a true outdoor Polaroid.
“This is the first shooting glasses to support Kwai live broadcast in China. ‘Datv’ has lowered the threshold for users to shoot short videos and live broadcast, and also allows others to see the world more immersively from the perspective of photographers. This is the first exploration of Datv in the field of intelligent hardware, and our goal is to provide users with more convenient and interesting shooting and live broadcast experience!” The head of the Datv team said that in the future, We will continue to innovate in the direction of deep integration of software and hardware, bringing more interesting shooting experiences to users.
Dashi glasses are specially tailored for short video shooting users. Phase I has been seamlessly docked with the Kwai platform, and other short video platforms are still being docked. Both live broadcast and shooting are conducted in a pure first angle of view, giving the audience a more sense of generation, with a similar effect to GTA games.
The duration of the live broadcast is approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on the specific live broadcast method. Currently, there are three live streaming modes: standard, clear, and wide-angle, as well as magnetic power connection modes. Carrying a mobile power supply can provide longer battery life support. At present, the content analysis platform has been seamlessly connected with Kwai, and other short video platforms are also being adapted.