According to the news on June 6, Ebon Power learned that the R&D and manufacturer of special interface materials, Debon New Materials, has completed a round of A+financing of tens of millions of yuan, and the investor is the capital of three banks.
It is understood that Deppon New Materials is a research and development manufacturer of special interface materials, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of special functional polymer interface materials, providing functional materials such as manufacturing, packaging, bonding, heat dissipation and a full set of technical services for emerging scientific and technological fields at home and abroad, producing and operating more than 400 kinds of products such as electronic packaging materials, silicone materials, thermal conductive materials, conductive materials, and adhesive films, with more than 200 authorized invention patents. According to incomplete statistics, there were 38 financing transactions for the new industry in the field of DuPont New Materials this year.
Yibang Power learned that the current round of investors’ three banks’ capital was established in May 2015, and the current management fund is nearly 500 million yuan. We are committed to the TMT industry, including the Internet, mobile Internet, medical devices, intelligent hardware, high-tech industry and the transformation brought by the combination of the Internet and other industries. The investment stage focuses on high-quality startup companies in the start-up and growth stages, mainly angel round, Pre-A round and A round. Sanxing Capital has also invested in Taiji Automation, ESWIN Easway and other enterprises recently.