French medical imaging company Median Technologies (hereinafter referred to as “Median”) announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud. Median will use Alibaba Cloud to provide cloud technology support for the operation of its imaging CRO, in order to better provide end-to-end imaging services to drug research and development enterprises.
Founded in 2002, Yingyan is a leading professional medical imaging company in the world, committed to expanding the boundaries of image data recognition, analysis, and reporting in the medical field. The iCRO business unit of Film Research provides innovative central imaging solutions for clinical oncology research, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of cancer. It has assisted in the successful application and marketing of more than 10 new anti-tumor drugs worldwide.
In the clinical research and development of new anti-tumor drugs, the central imaging service involves multiple links such as patient medical image transmission, quality control, film reading, statistical analysis, and storage management, including a large amount of data calculation and analysis work.
Through cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, Yingyan has been able to improve speed and flexibility in the calculation and storage of medical images, and integrate the resources of Yingyan’s Sino French team to more effectively provide independent central imaging support for the development of new anti-tumor drugs.
“In addition to the European and American markets, Film Research will continue to increase its investment in the Chinese market in terms of personnel teams and resources. The cooperation with Alibaba Cloud enables us to optimize the management of our IT infrastructure, thereby providing customers with better quality clinical trial imaging services,” said Nicolas Dano, Chief Operating Officer of Film Research iCRO, “With the support of Alibaba Cloud’s solutions and innovation capabilities, we can focus more on the business without having to focus too much on IT facilities.”
“We are very pleased to work with Median to assist them in providing medical imaging services and solutions to customers more efficiently,” said Raymond Ma, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Europe.
In recent years, Alibaba Cloud has repeatedly provided technical support for medical related work. During the COVID-19, Alibaba Cloud announced that AI computing power was free to public scientific research institutions to accelerate the research and development of new drugs and vaccines for COVID-19.