On December 14, Guoxuan Hi-Tech officially announced that it had signed a cooperation framework agreement with Qinghai Salt Lake Co., Ltd. yesterday.
It is understood that Salt Lake was founded in 1958, mainly engaged in the manufacture of chemical raw materials and chemical products, and now has 5 million tons of potash fertilizer, 30000 tons/year of lithium carbonate and 56000 tons of magnesium alloy processing and production capacity. It has a number of core technologies in the fields of potash fertilizer, potash, salt lake brine lithium extraction, and has significant advantages in the field of lithium resource development.
Based on this, according to the agreement, the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation around the lithium battery industry chain, establish a joint venture to produce lithium iron phosphate and other positive battery materials and energy storage batteries, and the proposed joint venture will hold shares with each other and cooperate deeply to form a stable new energy industry chain system. The two sides will also rely on the abundant magnesium resources of Salt Lake to carry out cooperation in the fields of magnesium aluminum, magnesium lithium alloy and other new materials; And explore the feasibility of establishing a new product technology research and development platform in Hefei.
In addition, based on the advantages of both parties in the fields of lithium salt extraction and lithium battery material processing, manufacturing, research and development, it is proposed to conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of new energy, lithium battery, science and technology research and development, lithium magnesium materials, talent training and other fields.
In response, Li Zhen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guoxuan High-tech said, “We hope that both sides will carry out joint innovation based on material science, with a view to walking hand in hand on the new energy track, running farther and doing better.”
Yun Hongwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Salt Lake Group, also said, “Building ‘resources, capital, technology and market’ is the core concept of Salt Lake Group. We hope to combine the technology and market advantages of Guoxuan Hi-Tech with the resources and capital advantages of Salt Lake Group, develop new energy, make good use of new materials, complement each other’s advantages, and achieve win-win cooperation.”
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