No matter what kind of equipment is likely to fail, even if it is an industrial-grade thing, it may also fail. Let’s take a look at the common failures of industrial displays.

1. The problem of bright or dark lines on the screen

Usually it’s a fault with the LCD screen. The bright line fault is generally a problem with the cable connecting the LCD screen body, and the dark line is generally a leakage of the screen body. The above two problems are basically a death sentence for the industrial display, and there is no maintenance value, because a screen Price is too high.


2. The display shows lack of color

After starting the industrial computer normally, the color monitor screen becomes monochromatic (such as red), on the one hand, it may be that the signal line is not in good contact, or the lack of color is caused by a broken signal line.

On the other hand, it may also be caused by a certain circuit in the RGB circuit inside the monitor not working properly. If the signal line is not in good contact, just connect the signal line.stone-tft-lcd-module-display

3. Industrial display color cast

The color cast appears in all areas of the industrial display, which is caused by the deviation of the color settings of the display or the color setting of the display card, and the signal line plug of the industrial display is in poor contact with the display card of the host.

Use the color function settings of the industrial display itself, adjust the color settings, and adjust the color settings of the display card; fix the signal line plug of the industrial display with the display card to ensure complete contact.


4. No response to touch

Phenomenon: When touching the screen, the mouse arrow does not move and its position does not change. Analysis: The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: (1) The touch screen is faulty. (2) The touch screen control card is faulty. (3) The signal line of the touch screen is faulty.