The “Independent Development and Industrialization of High Field Magnetic Resonance Medical Imaging Equipment” project led by Shanghai Lianying Medical Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the “2020 National Science and Technology Progress Award”. According to reports, the project has developed the first domestic 3.0t magnetic resonance complete machine product, breaking foreign monopolies, and restructuring the international industrial landscape of high-end medical equipment. In addition, this is a private enterprise in Shanghai, which has once again led the way in winning this award after 14 years.
Lianying Medical has been deeply rooted in the “Artificial Intelligence+Medical Imaging” circuit for many years. According to smart bud data, Lianying Medical and its affiliated companies currently have more than 4900 patent applications in 126 countries/regions around the world. Among them, there are over 2400 valid patents and over 1600 authorized invention patents.
Based on the analysis of all the patents mentioned above, it can be seen that the current patent applications of Lianying Medical are mainly arranged around related technical fields such as magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, medical imaging, detectors, medical equipment, image reconstruction, etc.
It is worth noting that Lianying Medical has so far involved more than 10 patent lawsuits (based on the number of lawsuits that have been published), with an average duration of about 11 months, involving a total of 2 patents. Experts from Smart Bud Consulting said that due to the high costs of patent litigation, patents that companies are willing to protect in the form of patent litigation generally involve their core technologies. Therefore, from this perspective, the above two patents or core technology patents of Lianying Medical Co., Ltd.