The company was founded in 1998 and listed on the small and medium-sized board in 2007. Its original main business is the production and manufacturing of EMS consumer electronics and LED lighting products. Since transforming the internet industry in 2015, the company has gradually clarified the dual wheel drive strategy of intelligent marketing and intelligent hardware. It has successively acquired three digital marketing companies such as Shunwei Advertising, invested in SaaS high-quality enterprises Winning Market and Liudu People, and invested in the consumer goods industry and the SCRM segment industry, successively investing in big data, cloud computing, enterprise Internet services, and other fields.
“Intelligent hardware+intelligent marketing” dual wheel drive strategy is the core of Maida Digital’s current strategic planning. Based on the company’s judgment of industry trends, intelligence, data, and technology will be the new driving force for the future business of Meida Digital. The company’s “intelligent marketing+intelligent hardware” dual wheel drive strategy will always take this as the core to build the company’s core capabilities.
Intelligent Hardware: As a mature business segment of the company, the company will seize the opportunity of rapid development of global intelligent hardware, expand into the intelligent hardware business field, and continue to provide stable performance support for the company’s strategic transformation. With its accumulation and foundation in the field of hardware product planning, research and development, and manufacturing, it is based on mature and robust existing businesses such as LED lighting. In the future, the company will increase its investment in the field of Internet of Things software and become a provider of Internet of Things terminal products.
Smart Marketing: Based on a deep understanding of industry trends, and in response to the rapid changes in the digital marketing industry, the company has positioned this business segment as a technology bridge to provide customers with one-stop marketing digital transformation services, Data driven, quality and efficiency oriented.
After experiencing the low point in 2013, in 2014, the digital intelligent hardware sector of Meida began to transform and upgrade, focusing on research and development, exploring the potential cooperative needs of old customers, cultivating and developing new international high-quality customers (such as ASM, ABL, etc.), resulting in sustained growth in the sector’s performance in recent years. Especially in 2017 and 2018, the development was very rapid. In the first half of 2018, the operating revenue exceeded 325 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 87.44%. A WAFER series ultra-thin circular panel lamp under Shiyida Technology has been highly recognized by customers and end consumers for its excellent performance, and sales have increased significantly since 2018.
The highlights of intelligent hardware mainly include:
1. There are high-quality customers. In recent years, the company’s intelligent hardware sector has cultivated and developed relatively stable high-quality customers, such as well-known multinational enterprises ASM, ABL, LEVANCE, etc. In 2018, it entered the supply chain system of Yihua, a high-quality customer in the domestic financial technology field, and began shipping in 2019; In 2018, it also opened up well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Berman, which ranked among the top sales figures in the German home lighting market.
2. Innovate mechanisms, implement partner mechanisms, and stimulate team vitality. Since 2016, the company has successively introduced business partners in the field of intelligent hardware, innovated and implemented the partnership mechanism, and successively established entities such as Shiyida Intelligent, Yiming Optoelectronics, and Jiangsu Shiyida with partners to explore domestic and foreign lighting market segments.
The company’s partner talent mechanism not only reserves stable talents for the company, but also greatly promotes the development of intelligent hardware business, which has a positive impact on the company’s development. At the same time, the company actively integrated resources and sold all the equity of its business related subsidiary, Shiyida Industry, to its subsidiary, Shiyida Technology, in 2018. The reorganization of the two companies has achieved unified standardization of intelligent management. The hardware sector is conducive to the long-term development of the intelligent hardware sector.
3. Actively expand new products, expand product categories and improve anti-risk capability. Through nearly 20 years of service to global well-known brands, the company has accumulated profound experience and information in the field of product planning, research and development and manufacturing. In the context of the development trend of the Internet of Things, the company’s intelligent hardware sector also seized the opportunity to actively expand new product categories in addition to traditional products, such as intelligent locks, intelligent modules, financial technology products, etc. The subsidiary Shiyida Technology increased its investment in THINGS SMART PTE.LTD (Yizhilian), a Singapore enterprise, in 2018. Yizhilian mainly focuses on the R&D, design and marketing of smart locks; Shiyida Technology and Hangzhou Graffiti Information Technology Co., Ltd. have reached a cooperation in the fields of smart home omni-channel expansion, product innovation, big data analysis, supply chain cooperation and so on. Shiyida Technology is mainly responsible for the secondary development of standardized control modules of smart modules (commonly known as secondary platforms, such as intelligent lighting, etc.), and provides the design and manufacturing services of smart hardware products for graffiti and its customers.
In addition to currently mature electronic components and LED lighting products, Maida’s digital hardware sector is also promoting research and development and project cooperation of other intelligent hardware terminal products, such as intelligent locks, intelligent modules for the Internet of Things, and financial technology products.
The company will be based on its own business to cut into the required fields. From the current point of view, 5G, as the next generation of mobile communication technology, will have a great impact on improving the data communication capability of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, smart home, etc. The company is also paying close attention to the 5G industry process, and actively exploring cooperation opportunities at all levels with relevant manufacturers in the 5G industry chain. In terms of the Internet of Things and smart home, some projects of the company are in the process of promotion. For example, the subsidiary Shiyida Technology has reached cooperation with the global intelligent and voice AI interaction platform – Hangzhou graffiti. The company is mainly responsible for the secondary development and manufacturing of standardized control modules of intelligent modules (commonly known as secondary platforms, such as intelligent lighting, etc.); Shiyida Technology increased its investment in Yizhilian, introduced a technology R&D team with rich experience in smart home, Internet of Things, consumer electronics and other fields, and explored new smart hardware categories (such as smart locks); In addition, the company is currently negotiating with CyberLock, a large lock enterprise in Thailand, in the early stage, but it is difficult to predict the business cooperation and business volume at present. Investors are invited to pay attention to the investment risk. The company’s management hopes to seize the opportunity of industry development by actively taking a number of measures.