Shenzhen Zhongke Microlight Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Microlight Medical”) completed tens of millions of D2 rounds of financing in October 2022, led by Xingzheng Pharmaceutical Fund and Xingzheng Jinkai Fund under Xingzheng Capital.
It is understood that Microlight Medical was founded in 2012, headquartered in Shenzhen, and has a research and development base in Xi’an. It is a medical industry company incubated and supported by Xi’an Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Low-light medical technology is deeply rooted in the field of laser medicine technology, using internationally leading photoelectric technology and adhering to the concept of combining medicine with industry. It is committed to independent research and development, global innovation, and independent production of minimally invasive laser interventional innovative diagnostic and therapeutic devices.
As a medical industry company oriented towards technological innovation, Microlight Medical has always adhered to independent innovation and underlying technology development of core technologies since its inception, creating a core technology platform composed of three major sectors: ultra-fast laser, fiber optic catheter, and image processing, with over 140 proprietary intellectual property rights. The company independently developed the “Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) System”, which was approved as a NMPA Class III medical device product registration certificate in April 2020, officially entered the market and successfully commercialized. The independently developed new “multimodal OCT imaging system” was approved and certified in December 2021, which is also the first multimodal OCT system approved for clinical application in the field of coronary OCT. In the field of laser interventional therapy, several products of the company have entered the preclinical research stage.
Since its establishment 10 years ago, Microlight Medical has developed and produced China’s first export scientific research OCT imaging system, the world’s first “multimodal” OCT imaging system, the world’s first mobile OCT imaging system, and established the world’s first fully automated OCT fiber optic probe production line. Since the launch of OCT products in 2020, the sales of low-light medical OCT products have grown rapidly, occupying a leading position in domestic cardiovascular OCT products.
In addition, low-light medical treatment has also made phased new progress in other diagnosis and treatment fields such as panvascular and urinary diseases, such as carotid OCT systems and cold laser ablation systems. Microlight Medical is also fully promoting the localization of core devices, reducing costs while ensuring supply chain security.
In early November, Microlight Medical and Siemens Medical Shanghai Innovation Center officially signed an ecological cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate in the direction of precise diagnosis of cardiovascular intervention based on OCT imaging diagnosis and treatment plans, promoting the innovative research and development of advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies and intelligent medical devices. Menzi Medical Shanghai Innovation Center is not only one of the four major innovation centers of Siemens Medical in the world, but also the world’s first open joint innovation platform. The cooperation between Microlight Medical and Siemens Medical Shanghai Innovation Center will further strengthen the forward-looking layout of technological innovation in the local life and health field.