Recently, Tianjin Luling Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Luling Gas”), a leading enterprise in the field of electronic special gas for semiconductor, completed a round of strategic investment. The investment institutions include Sinochem Jianxin, SMIC Juyuan, Xiamen Lianhe, and Guokai Equipment. Three funds funded by Tianjin Haihe Industrial Fund participated in this round of investment. The Sino-Tianjin Haihe New Material Industry Fund, which is managed by Sinochem Jianxin, led the investment.
Green Diamond Gas focuses on the research, development and production of special electronic gases for the semiconductor industry, and independently develops a variety of high-purity electronic fluorocarbon special gases, laughing gas and other products, among which many products are exclusively supplied in large quantities in China. The downstream and end customers of the company include the four largest gas companies in the world, such as American Air Chemical, German Linde Group, French Air Liquide and Dayangri Acid, as well as well-known semiconductor manufacturers at home and abroad, such as TSMC, Samsung, Toshiba, SMIC International, Changjiang Storage, Changxin Storage, and so on. They are the technology leaders in the domestic electronic and special gas industry.
Institutions generally believe that the electronic special gas industry has high entry barriers, and more than 90% of the market share has been monopolized by multinational companies for a long time. However, China’s electronic special gas industry started relatively late, with more than 80% of electronic special gas relying on imports and almost all high-end electronic special gas relying on imports. The supply of electronic gas has been in a “stuck” state for a long time.
Sinochem Jianxin, the leading investor of this time, believes that with the gradual release of the new capacity of domestic semiconductor wafer factories such as SMIC International, Changjiang Storage, Changxin Storage, and Huali Microelectronics, the demand for electronic special gas from domestic wafer factories will further increase, which will also drive the electronic gas market into a period of rapid development. As an important electronic special gas production enterprise in China, Green Diamond Gas will gain greater growth opportunities in the future, driven by the development of downstream industry and its own continuous research and development.
Green Diamond Gas is one of the enterprises that focus on building the integrated circuit industry chain in the 12 industrial chains in Tianjin. As the industry guidance fund of Tianjin, Haihe Industrial Fund, adhering to the concept of building a city by manufacturing industry, strengthens and extends the industrial chain by actively exploring and arranging the upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. The investment of Green Diamond Gas will effectively promote the localization rate of high-end electronic special gas, and will further enhance Tianjin’s position in the key link of the integrated circuit industry chain.
The production base of Green Diamond Gas under construction is located in Tianjin Nangang Industrial Park, which is a national chemical industrial park. The design capacity of the enterprise’s production base is 6000 tons/year, covering more than 40 kinds of electronic special gas products. It will be put into production in the first half of 2022, and will become an important growth point of the company’s business in the future. Taking this strategic investment as an opportunity, Green Diamond Gas has obtained industrial capital assistance, local government empowerment and customer resource injection, which will further accelerate the construction of Tianjin Nangang Base, promote new product research and development, strengthen modern enterprise management, and commit to becoming a leading enterprise in the high-purity electronic special gas industry.