As one of the most expensive components of mobile phone components, touch screen is an important factor affecting the price of mobile phones. Once the mobile screen is damaged, users need to bear higher maintenance costs. If there are new materials that can be replaced, the production cost of raw materials for touch screen will be reduced, and at the same time, it has excellent flexibility, so that people will not suffer from broken screen.
New materials of graphene and nano-silver wire help the development of flexible touch screen
The common raw material of touch screen on the market is ITO, which is expensive and has good conductivity and transparency. With the development of economy and technology, traditional ITO materials are hard and brittle, which is difficult to meet people’s diversified consumption needs.
With the emergence of folding screen mobile phones, the mobile phone touch screen gradually shifted to the flexible direction. British researchers found that the hybrid electrode made of graphene and nano-silver wire has the potential to make touch screen. The biggest advantage is that the manufacturing cost is low, and the excellent optical and electrical characteristics meet the needs of touch screen mobile phones. Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial with only one atom thick, which has excellent conductivity; The width of nano-silver wire is only one tenth of that of hair, and the transparency of the film is good. Graphene and silver nanowires can be combined to form conductive, transparent and flexible films.
New materials of graphene and nano-silver wire help the development of flexible touch screen
Scientists have spent a long time studying non-fragile touchscreen materials, and the emergence of new technologies has turned the idea into reality. The reason why graphene and nano-silver wire materials have not entered a large number of commercial stages is that the problem of activity of nano-materials has not been well solved.
After a long period of development, the breakthrough of new nano-silver wire material technology has made various products with nano-silver wire as raw material appear in the touch display industry and become the most closely integrated new material development direction in the touch display industry.
In fact, nano-silver wire technology is still under continuous optimization and development, and its optical and electrical properties are far superior to the new basic conductive materials of ITO materials. The low resistance value and high ductility of nano-silver wire electrode materials can enable current touch display products to get rid of the space constraints of flat panel display, develop various kinds of touch display products such as curved surface and folding, and realize the industry prospect of ubiquitous touch display.
The R&D and application of new materials of graphene and nano-silver wire are the embodiment of scientific and technological development. Due to the improvement of economic level, the diversified demands of consumers have led to the emergence of new products. With the continuous breakthrough of new material technology, it will be applied in all aspects of human life in the future.