Nowadays, intelligence has become an important trend in hardware upgrades. From traditional intelligent hardware to cutting-edge hardware, improving the level of intelligence will be an important goal to attract users and provide a better user experience.
At the turning point from the information age to the intelligent age, people often feel anxious and contemplate the possibility of the next generation of intelligent hardware.
For the next generation of intelligent hardware, many technology companies have made their own judgments: developing automotive robots.
When it comes to automotive robots, one has to mention Baidu’s extreme robots.
The extremely released concept car ROBO-01 has once again attracted the attention of “automotive robots” and sparked many discussions. As soon as the ROBO-01 concept car was unveiled, it was amidst questioning and praise.
Automotive robots are a new ‘species’
The name ‘car robot’ is accurate, it is a car shaped robot, not a car shaped robot. From a functional perspective, automotive robots have L4 level autonomous driving ability and can achieve free movement; Secondly, precise recognition of human vehicle interaction and speech semantics enables vehicles to “naturally communicate” with people, understand user emotions in real-time, and respond to user needs; Thirdly, automotive robots can self learn and iterate based on users’ usage habits, continuously optimize the experience of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit, and achieve “self growth”.
In addition to Baidu’s Extreme Auto, Auchan Auto is also on the road to developing auto robots. Auchan Z6 launched by Auchan Automobile is equipped with AR-HUD augmented reality head up display system, new generation IACC adaptive cruise system, 540 ° 3D ultra-high definition panoramic image system, DMS driving status monitoring system, etc., to ensure the driving safety of users. In addition, industry firsts such as intelligent voice outside the car, four in one super dial, and three screen simultaneous display track mode have enriched the intelligent experience during driving.
Nowadays, the “intelligent cockpit” centered on the Internet of Vehicles and voice interaction has become an important factor affecting consumers’ car purchasing decisions.
Out-of-vehicle voice control, system active reminder, out-of-vehicle voice interaction system has a very wide range of applications. A series of scenes become more convenient before getting on, when using, and after getting off the car. The role of this system is self-evident.
Jidu Auto has three labels: futurism, roboticization and empathy. The symmetrical double-door design fills it with a sense of future technology. The auto robot with free movement, self communication and self growth has greatly improved the intelligence level of this car, and the high level of intelligence also provides technical support for the empathy between the car robot and the driver. This also proves that the automobile robot is a new “species” from the side.
Legalization of automatic driving
Recently, the official official account “Shenzhen Release” of the Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government announced that the Regulations on the Administration of Smart Connected Vehicles in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will come into force on August 1. It is reported that this is the first time in China that legislation has made specific provisions on the definition, market access rules, right of way, rights and responsibilities of intelligent connected vehicles. This means that automotive robots can utilize autonomous driving technology to participate in traffic operations in a legal capacity.
From the current trend of automotive enterprises, intelligence is becoming an important force changing the future development of automobiles, promoting the rapid implementation of intelligent networking and autonomous driving, and also leading the transformation of the automotive value paradigm. The era of autonomous driving as the core, shared behavior as the main business model, and automobile robots as the main means of transportation is coming.