Mechanical methods for surface grinding and polishing of workpieces have been used in many industries such as mechanical parts, daily hardware, electronics, instruments, meters, and vehicle parts.

The surface finishing, deburring, deburring, rounding, descaling and fine polishing of the workpiece have played a significant role. With the continuous development and innovation of mechanical grinding and polishing technology, the demand for grinding and polishing machines and polishing and abrasive materials is constantly expanding, showing a situation of short supply.

Mechanical grinding and polishing is time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving, which is its biggest feature, and can effectively improve the quality. Therefore, the use of grinding and polishing machines is constantly increasing.

When the grinding and polishing machine is used for surface treatment of the workpiece, the operation is simple and convenient, and the grinding and polishing effect on the surface of the workpiece is good.

We can briefly introduce the operation method of the grinding and polishing machine: when the grinding and polishing machine is grinding and polishing the workpiece, it only needs to put the grinding and polishing abrasives (such as brown corundum, high alumina porcelain, high frequency porcelain or zirconium balls, steel balls, etc.) Put it into the working tank or barrel of the grinding and polishing machine, put the workpiece to be processed, and then add an appropriate amount of grinding aids.

The grinding aids are polishing liquid, grinding brightener, cleaning agent, etc., depending on the processing of the workpiece, determine to add which grinding aid. Turn on the grinding and polishing machine, and the power generated by the operation of the grinding and polishing machine will cause grinding between the polishing abrasive and the workpiece.

This grinding process can remove the deburring, flashing, oxide skin, etc. on the surface of the workpiece, and reach the surface of the workpiece. bright.

When the surface of the workpiece is ground and polished, because of the different material, shape and polishing process of the workpiece, there are also differences in use. Choose a polishing abrasive with good grinding force when deburring, and choose a smoother polishing abrasive when polishing the surface. This is the basic common sense of grinding and polishing. Therefore, it is necessary to master the collocation of abrasive materials. The choice of abrasive materials should conform to the characteristics of the workpiece, such as polishing abrasives, polishing liquids, polishing brighteners, etc. If you feel uncertain, you can consult the abrasive material manufacturers, and they will give technical support.

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