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With the continuous evolution of underlying chip technology and the continuous changes in people’s demand for technological products, hyperintelligent hardware with high penetration rates such as smartphones and tablets is inevitably inaccessible in the personalized market segment. Intelligent hardware is a cake with rich categories, diverse forms, and diverse functions, which precisely confirms the needs of current consumers. Such an emerging market not only gives Internet giants the opportunity to cross borders, but also forces large manufacturers of traditional electronic systems to take the intelligent hardware market as a new profit growth point for enterprises in the next 3-5 years; At the same time, this market also gives various micro intelligent hardware enterprises the possibility of rapid development. https://store.stoneitech 。
The considerable prospect has brought endless market imagination to manufacturers, but does the current real market performance meet the expectations of the industry? Take wearable devices as an example. Although there are many wearable devices, these products have not really resonated with industry insiders and consumers in terms of function and appearance design. In a word, the wearable device market has no representative work that really leads the industry trend.
In order to further explore the development trend and investment prospects of the high-tech industry, OFweek China’s high-tech industry portal, based on the forefront of the industry, will hold the “2014 China High-tech Industry Investment and Financing Summit Forum” with the theme of “Technology, Innovation and Value” at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Xinghe, Shenzhen on November 19, 2014, to review the development and changes of the structure of the high-tech industry under the current economic situation, Help enterprises and investment institutions better understand the development trend and value of the industry, build an investment and financing platform for the industry, and achieve win-win development of capital, enterprises and the industry!
At that time, Fosun Group Liu Siqi will conduct in-depth analysis on the best opportunity for enterprises to enter the intelligent hardware sector, the next industry investment hotspot in the intelligent hardware segment, and how to explore the “next Apple” in the intelligent hardware field. “Smart hardware venture capital – how to find the next Apple?” keynote speech is expected to lead the rise of sub areas; Xing Kaiyun of Guojin Securities will also discuss with industry insiders the outbreak of the intelligent hardware revolution and the potential disruption of missing out on intelligent hardware through a keynote speech titled “Hot and Unexploded Products: Where is the Road for the Wearable Device Industry?”,