On February 10, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Xingheng New Material Technology (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Bocui Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held at the Suzhou headquarters of Xingheng Power. The two sides announced that they would carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation at the levels of manganese battery recycling, material repair, metal extraction and equity investment, focusing on the field of manganese battery recycling, and jointly open up a development path of high efficiency, high efficiency and high value. This cooperation is another heavy landing action under the ecological layout strategy of the lithium battery industry chain of Xingheng Power. The Bocui cycle with strong technical strength will provide strong support for Xingheng to expand the business scenario of manganese battery recycling.
Feng Xiao, Chairman and President of Xingheng Power Supply Co., Ltd., Yu Min, General Manager of Xingheng New Material Technology (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd., Shi Xiaoxing, General Manager of Xingheng Power Supply Public Relations Center, Wang Yu, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Lin Xiao, Chairman and General Manager of Suzhou Bocui Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Xue, Marketing Director, Liu Gangfeng, Technical Director, Liu Chunwei, Director of Strategy Department and other senior leaders of both parties attended the signing ceremony.
In recent years, the new energy industry has achieved rapid development. China has become the world’s largest producer and seller of lithium batteries, and the installed capacity has increased significantly year by year. However, with the arrival of the peak period of power battery retirement, the recovery and recycling of waste batteries has become an urgent industry issue, and also a new business development path for the new energy industry.
To this end, Xingheng Power established its subsidiary Xingheng New Materials in 2021, which is committed to the recovery and recycling of manganese based batteries. With the same market insight, Bocui Cycle focuses on providing metal resource recycling technology and solution services. The combination of development strategy and business philosophy is the basis for the cooperation between Xingheng New Materials and Bocui Cycle.
As the parent company of Xingheng New Materials, Xingheng Power has been deeply engaged in lithium battery field for nearly 20 years, and its products are widely used in new energy fields such as electric vehicles, home/commercial energy storage, light electric vehicles, etc. By 2022, the total global sales of Xingheng lithium batteries exceeded 25 million units, with a deep market foundation and strong industry influence.
Feng Xiao, chairman and president of Xingheng Power, is full of confidence and expectation for this cooperation. At the signing ceremony, he said that new energy enterprises need to take the initiative to assume social responsibilities while developing themselves, so that green, low-carbon and resource recycling measures for sustainable development can be truly implemented. The purpose of Xingheng’s layout of battery recycling is to make the “urban mine” with great development value turn waste into treasure. We look forward to working with Bocui to make new breakthroughs in model innovation, technology innovation, process innovation and other aspects, and promote the construction of battery recycling system, not only finding new growth points for both sides, but also increasing the supply of core resources to the market and promoting the accelerated popularization of new energy.
With the development goal of helping the new energy industry achieve clean and low carbon throughout its life cycle, Bocui Cycle has a complete set of solutions for the recycling and utilization of battery metal and rare and precious metal resources and materials, and has provided industrial consulting, technical services, engineering design, 1000-ton distributed intelligent automation equipment, and the development of large and 10000-ton engineering projects for nearly ten of the world’s top 500 enterprises in the field of energy and domestic leading enterprises in the field of battery and energy Supply and operation, strong technical strength and rich engineering experience.
Lin Xiao, chairman and general manager of Bocui Recycling, said that with the help of the big platform of Xingheng, Bocui Recycling can fully verify and realize its own technology and scheme in material recycling, and achieve industrialization and landing faster. In this cooperation, Bocui’s innovative technology, advanced equipment and process can provide the recycling solution for the key materials of Mn-based batteries for Xingheng New Materials, achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, jointly promote the recycling of resources, the extension of the industrial chain to multiple ends, and the upgrading of the value chain to the high-end, and explore a model for the green development of the new energy industry.
After this strategic cooperation is reached, the two sides will focus on the dismantling and metallurgy of waste batteries, the decontamination and repair of cathode materials and other aspects to carry out cooperation. Through projects such as the recovery technology of manganese based battery cathode materials, the industrial verification of direct repair of lithium manganate/lithium ferromanganese phosphate anode plates, the production line and equipment design, the core raw materials such as manganese, cobalt, nickel and lithium in retired power batteries will be extracted in a high proportion to improve the material recycling rate and reduce carbon emissions, Realize green and low-carbon development of new energy industry.
This powerful alliance, relying on the industry resources, brand strength and market scale of Xingheng, as well as the leading technology, advanced technology and scheme of Bocui cycle, and under the coordination of complementary advantages and resource sharing of both parties, will be able to successfully build a green, safe and efficient cycle utilization system of manganese based batteries, improve the utilization efficiency of rare resources such as manganese, cobalt, nickel, lithium, and make full use of the value of lithium batteries throughout their life cycle, Vigorously promote the sustainable development of the new energy industry.