The concept of blockchain is like a wild horse running wildly in many fields. From well-known investors to celebrities to ordinary consumers, everyone is talking about blockchain. It seems that if you don’t speak, you are not Chinese, and if you don’t speak, you will be eliminated from society. It’s completely on fire!
The consumer market will never lack intelligent manufacturers. Due to the popularity of the blockchain concept, older drivers will not miss this trip. Therefore, several mobile phone manufacturers have recently launched what they call (the first) “blockchain phones.”. There is no doubt that the eye-catching effect will be very balanced!
Launch blockchain mobile phones
First, Candy Mobile announced that it has reached strategic cooperation with the Ether Fog Foundation to develop the world’s first blockchain mobile phone, which is said to have integrated blockchain wallets and blockchain mining machines, with a price of up to 3999 yuan.
Second, Changhong launched the blockchain mobile phone Changhong R8 Kirin, which is called based on the POW consensus algorithm, device fingerprint technology and LBS location service. It is intended to allow users to participate in the blockchain at a lower threshold, but both the configuration and function introduction are very vague. It is revealed that the starting price of the mobile phone is 2999 yuan, and it is also sold in limited quantities.
3、 Lenovo released blockchain phones: S5, Xiaolong 625 processor, 100 level AI beauty, face unlocking, front 16 million pixels, rear 13 million+13 million dual cameras, etc., with a starting price of only 999 yuan.
It is not difficult to see that some of them are not sincere in their enthusiasm. The candy phone sold at a high price of nearly 4000 yuan with its own 1000 yuan machine configuration and anonymous mining machine. They are too cruel to eat.
Of course, it’s not just phone manufacturers who want to hitch a ride. All walks of life are vying for a ride. Blockchain has become a lifeline for many poorly managed traditional enterprises. No matter how bad your original business is, as long as you encounter blockchain, it seems like there will be countless investors around you. Blockchain games, blockchain downloads, blockchain finance, and even Brain Platinum have also announced the launch of blockchain marketing during the Spring Festival.
Entrepreneurs’ imaginative expansion
“The first blockchain smart toothbrush that allows you to truly brush clean” is an advertisement for a blockchain toothbrush that Dongshang is crowdfunding. Simply put, brushing your teeth is equivalent to “mining.”. The excavated token is Aiya coin, which can be directly exchanged for toothbrushes, dental floss, dental cleaning services, etc.
The development team has also carefully set up private and public mining pools. On the one hand, your effective brushing behavior will become data, and then be converted into love tooth coins in a dedicated mining pool. The cleaner the brush, the greater the reward; On the other hand, the development team will regularly put Aiya coins into the public mining pool based on the total amount of computing power, and users can obtain them by completing the specified brushing task! In short, brushing your teeth well can make money!
Mobile phones and watches are not separated. A medical company said it would launch a blockchain smart watch in the second half of the year. “The watch will use blockchain technology combined with GPS to record location information, attempt to integrate digital wallet functionality, and consider supporting payment functions in different scenarios,” the official said. In addition, this start-up company, which started with intelligent hardware, has also stated that it will consider establishing a dedicated blockchain business unit or subsidiary in 2020. Judging from the current popularity of blockchain, will 2020 be too late?
Smart speakers will not be absent. On March 21, a company released an AI speaker using blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, this product can enable all users to share bandwidth and complete AI tasks while helping this AI speaker grow, obtain corresponding AI point rewards, and redeem services in the Cheetah ecosystem. https://
However, according to information released by manufacturers, these consumer products with blockchain technology are not very useful, and the main purpose seems to be to exchange points for gifts. To put it another way, even if many manufacturers truly master blockchain technology, it seems to be the most common and ordinary blockchain technology, without much high-tech content.
Compared with the simple purpose of people in the currency circle (making money), users in the consumer market are obviously more complex. The popularity of the blockchain does attract traffic, but consumers ultimately determine the consumption factor, or product function and use experience. Real enterprises still need to do it step by step and carry out technological research in a down-to-earth manner, so as to avoid foam in technological research.