In the digital age, the demand for computing resources is increasing, and the cost of building computing resources is high. Xunlei, known for its online download business, has conducted in-depth exploration and practice of the shared computing model. On October 31st, Xunlei announced the official launch of its new generation of sharing economy intelligent hardware, Play Cloud. This product will work together with Xunlei’s Money Making Treasure and Star Domain CDN to build a comprehensive and three-dimensional shared computing business model from the C-end to the B-end, ushering in a new era of Xunlei’s “shared computing” strategic transformation.
Xunlei CEO Chen Lei revealed that since 2014, Xunlei has invested a total of $100 million in technological innovation for “shared computing”. In 2015, the first C-level and B-level shared computing products, Xunlei Money making Treasure and Starfield CDN, were launched respectively, which not only successfully built large-scale “unlimited nodes”, but also carried unlimited resource nodes to enterprises, providing high-quality shared computing services for Chinese Internet enterprises, including Xiaomi, Kwai, iQiyi, Momo, Bilibili, Panda Live, etc.
In recent years, Moore’s law has gradually become invalid. The rapid development of applications such as big data and artificial intelligence has made the supply of computing resources a key issue. The skyrocketing computational cost hinders the development and popularization of new technologies. However, in the past two years, Xunlei’s shared computing ecosystem has perfectly avoided this problem. The idle computing resources collected by Xunlei from the entire society are increasing exponentially. Sending videos, games, and other internet companies greatly reduces the operating costs of the latter. Since the first two generations of intelligent hardware, Xunlei has been striving to involve everyone in cloud computing. As of now, nearly ten million ordinary users have made appointments on the cloud official website and are willing to share idle bandwidth, storage, and computing resources at home to participate in shared computing. However, Xunlei hopes that these users can not only share, but also enjoy the dividends of shared computing services, so Play Cloud has emerged.
In the shared computing service model open to ordinary users, ordinary users can not only share the returns brought by idle resources, but also obtain enterprise level private cloud disk services, experience free and smooth data backup, upload, download, file management, and multi terminal viewing services brought by shared computing technology. At the same time, in the extremely fast and fair environment brought by shared computing and blockchain technology, ordinary users will also enjoy a unique service of obtaining rewards through resource sharing and exchange. At present, the average uplink bandwidth used for sharing by PlayerCloud reaches 8Mbps, and the per capita contribution of storage reaches 1022GB. These massive resources will ensure that the development of Xunlei CDN business in the later stage is more powerful.
In addition, PlayerCloud also signed a copyright content distribution agreement with 4K Garden on the day of the press conference, attempting to combine shared computing with blockchain technology to provide a platform for copyright distribution and content distribution, and provide users with more high-performance and cool content. Experience, as well as the release, acquisition, and circulation services of high-quality content resources.
In addition, OneThing Technology, a subsidiary of Xunlei, has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement between Amur Cloud and JD, providing tens of millions of promotional resources for Amur Cloud.